Richard M. Rosenbaum, a Man of Many Hats

Richard M. Rosenbaum has a brimful of knowledge ranging from his experience as former New York State Republican Party Chairman, to close political advisor for Governor Nelson Rockefeller, to serving as a former Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, and providing Senior Counsel at Nixon Peabody LLP in Rochester, NY.

Dick Rosenbaum’s hats cover a wide range of expertise and knowledge of law, politics, and history.  He is a community and college historical lecturer on topics ranging from Middle Eastern policy, to Machiavelli, and Winston Churchill. You’ll never see Rosenbaum “keep it under his hat”. He has written several major political and public affairs treatises and is the author of the book “No Room for Democracy: The Triumph of Ego over Common Sense”.

Richard Rosenbaum will be offering his popular lectures on Winston Churchill during a series of appearances this fall at libraries in the Greater Rochester, NY area.

Dick will finish the series on Sunday, November 23rd at 2PM at the Pittsford Public Library. All of the lectures are on the life of Winston Churchill.

The lecture is entitled, Sir Winston Churchill: Savior of England, Europe, and the World, and in it Dick discusses how Sir Winston Churchill, the World War II Prime Minister of England, saved England and all of Europe from Nazi tyranny. This great British statesman, like the little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike, held steady on the ramparts refusing to knuckle-under.

Richard Rosenbaum is available for arbitration/mediation, or to speak to academic or community organizations. Contact him at: richardr@richardrosenbaum.com

Richard Rosenbaum, Arbitrator